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Calendar of Events

Upcoming music, movie and book releases.

Summer 2002 delivers many anticipated films

Let the games begin.

Film frenzy floods theaters filling various tastes

Along with the rush of shopping for gifts and decorating, this holiday season also brings the prime time for movie makers to sell and market their movies.

Oscar race ‘Almost’ started

It is the end of September and still nearly seven months before every star bedazzles their dress, highlights their hair and hooks with the newest "hottie," but already in the Hollywood industry people and moviegoers are predicting and handicapping their best guesses for the 2000 Academy Awards Ceremony.

Entertainment Briefs

Campus and community arts events for the week of Dec. 10, 1999.

Movie Review: Toys play better second time around

In what was originally created to exist as nothing more than a direct-to-video release, the Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios sequel to "Toy Story" disproved the common belief that usually movies are not as good the second time around.

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