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Black community strives to be more united

The fourth annual Black Student Retreat was held Sunday in the Harris Art Gallery for the 35 attendees to discuss issues in the Black community of the University of La Verne.

Colloquium addresses ‘white guilt’

The first lecture of the Colloquium Series on Diversity began last week with Gitty Amini’s lecture surrounding the theme of white guilt.

New site offers online access to college tutors

When studying late at night and with no help readily available, the Internet just may be the place to search for help.

Speaker talks of Obama’s impact

As part of the University’s Black Out Week, the African American Alliance hosted New World Education Founder Mandla Kayise whose talk “The Impact of Barack Obama on the Black Male Image,” compared perceptions of black men in the 1980s and today.

Clubs reach out to new members

One of the main events at the start of every semester is the club fair, and this semester the theme was black politicians.

Illumination shines light on Court

Everyone was dressed in their best as close to 100 people gathered in front of Founders Hall for the annual Home­coming Illumination ceremony.

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