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Transgender civil liberties undermined

The Trump Administration announced in February that it would no longer support the advances Barack Obama made for transgender equality in the previous presidency, which allowed transgender students to use the restroom of the gender they identify with. President Donald Trump has made a grave mistake in rescinding protection for these students, who now must use the restroom of their birth gender.

Trans immigrants face persecution

Nadine Nakamura, assistant professor of psychology, initiated a discussion about two controversial topics to reveal the lesser known struggle of transgender immigrants.

Commentary: Boy Scouts’ inclusivity defies tradition

A sense of belonging is important to a child’s upbringing. That is why most parents get their children involved in some type of sport or activity: soccer, cheerleading, football, or boy scouts and girl scouts.

States’ legislation aids discrimination

Over the past few weeks, a terrifying amount of anti-LGBTQ legislation has trickled down the pipeline. North Carolina, Georgia and Kansas have started deliberations on highly discriminatory bills that not only allow but encourage the systematic discrimination of the LGBTQ community. In 2016 these bills represent the toxic notion that people can still refuse to co-exist with certain groups based on sexual orientation alone.

University plans for gender-neutral bathroom stalls

The University of La Verne is preparing to install more than 20 gender-neutral bathrooms on campus to provide the transgender community with restrooms they feel comfortable using.

ULV joins fight for inclusivity

A number of bathrooms on-campus have recently been earmarked to be converted to gender-neutral bathrooms, a positive sign of the University living its mission of creating a diverse and inclusive environment.

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