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Mega storm could hit West Coast

Climate change will be the root cause of a rare mega storm called the ARkStorm that scientists say will send more than 1.5 million people on the West Coast fleeing as floodwaters swamp cities and form lakes in the Central Valley and Mojave Desert.

U.S. needs earthquake early warning technology

Last month Mexico City suffered a devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake that left more than 200 dead. Fortunately, the seismic warning system that has been in place since 1991 successfully gave the population crucial seconds to flee vulnerable buildings and prepare for the worst. The United States, however, has no such system in place; if an earthquake were to hit California, people would have no way of knowing with some advanced warning and that would decrease their chances of getting to safety. The technology already exists, so there is no excuse as to why the U.S. government has not implemented it while our neighbors south of us have.

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