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Commentary: U.S. Soccer bans protesting National Anthem

The “Kaepernick Effect” was felt everywhere in sports last year, after former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick knelt during the national anthem at a football game in August.

Commentary: U.S. Soccer shows hope amid political turmoil

Like many Mexican-Americans, I was astonished by the results of last week’s presidential election. I was angry, disappointed and afraid because of the rhetoric spilled by now President-elect Donald Trump, especially towards Mexican immigrants and Mexico.

Exploring Concussion Protocol: Head injuries raise concern

La Verne women’s soccer junior goalkeeper Heather Seaman has suffered from four concussions in her lifetime, three of which came from injuries during her time at La Verne.

Exploring Concussion Protocol:Commentary: U.S. Soccer ‘header’ ruling is ineffective

In an attempt to protect young athletes, U.S. Soccer has put in place several initiatives that took effect January 2016, addressing matters such as head injuries and banning “headers” for younger children.

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