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Honduran ambassador considers climate, equity

United Nations Ambassador Mary Elizabeth Flores representing Honduras, spoke to the University community about “Climate Change, Humanitarian Aid, and Rehabilitation: The Case of Honduras,” before a virtual audience of 41 Wednesday via Zoom.

Commentary: Judge’s ruling endangers young girls

Female genital mutilation, a procedure that cuts young girls’ genitalia for social, cultural and religious reasons, has been banned in the United States for more than 20 years – until a recent ruling from a federal judge in Michigan.

Students talk North Korea

Whether the United Nations Permanent Five should impose sanctions on North Korea, in response to the country’s nuclear missile program, was the topic of discussion at the Hot Spots lecture Wednesday in the President’s Dining Room.

Watson on track with HeForShe

Over the past few months, Harry Potter actress Emma Watson has positioned herself as an advocate for gender equality.

Dreaming of a green Christmas

In December, world leaders will meet in Copenhagen to discuss, and hopefully implement, a new set of regulations to confront global warming.

U.S. gambles with global reputation

From the ashes of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, and in particular, from the ashes of the war fields in Afghanistan and Iraq, rises a new threat to the United States that cannot be fought with weapons.

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