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Halloween varies around the world

To highlight six countries and the way they celebrate Halloween, the Campus Activities Board hosted “Halloween Around The World” Tuesday in the Campus Center Ballroom.

Commentary: No such thing as ‘American’ food

There is so much fighting occurring in the United States. The biggest struggle is how to secure our borders and maintain a fair procedure of obtaining citizenship.

Cyber warfare is a real issue

With the advancement in technological warfare, it seems that countries that primarily use human soldiers are now going to have a difficult task of combating enemies, especially ones they cannot see.

Video tests free speech

While some Muslims around the world violently protest against "Innocence of Muslims" – a 14-minute video posted on YouTube that goes out of its way to offend Muslims and the prophet Muhammad – the question of censorship arises.

National pride rules competition

The popular Mr. and Ms. International event was held for the first time on at 10 p.m. on March 11 in Founders Auditorium.

U.S. should look to itself for answers

I am proud to be who I am; I am proud to be where I am; I am proud to be what I am; I am proud to be an American.

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