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Letter to the Editor

I enjoyed reading last week's article “Noteworthy ULV faculty honored” that described the wonderful 2006 Faculty and Staff Recognition Ceremony, however I must say I was sorely disappointed to see absolutely no mention of either the Classified or the Administrative Employee of the year awardees.

ULV unveils $42 million campaign

It was a night dedicated to honoring the past and embracing the future. Jan. 28 marked not only the 11th annual President’s Dinner Gala but also the unveiling of the University of La Verne’s $42 million “Building on Excellence” campaign.

University ‘Grants’ director farewell

Nov. 2 was an important day, but not just because it was Election Day; it was also the end of an era at the University of La Verne, as University Relations staffer Jean Grant bid her colleagues and coworkers farewell.

Big spending begs financial questions

For at least the second time in the history of the University of La Verne, the University seems to be doing some serious spending without the money in the budget to fund it.

Homecoming: A dead tradition

Homecoming: One look at the word tells us that it is simply when someone or something comes home. This is the obvious definition. But, to colleges and universities, the word carries a deeper meaning.

ULV receives monetary gifts

The University of La Verne recently received the final distributions of two donations totaling over $2 million.

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