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Commentary: The challenges of finding the ‘new winning’ in a pandemic

Upon entering college, one of my main goals was to establish myself as a journalist by working my way up to the position of Editor-in-Chief of the Campus Times. After three semesters on staff, first as a staff writer, then LV Life editor and editorial director, I was offered the position and I took up the mantle hoping that I would be as good, or even better, than my predecessors. 

Professor supports students through tough transition

Thomas Allison, a new assistant professor of legal studies – and three-time University of La Verne alumnus – says his upbringing and his education have been the driving forces in all of his work and accomplishments. 

Commentary: Finding a bright spot in quarantine

My senior year in college was supposed to be filled with laughter, fun moments with my friends, and self discovery as I approach the time when I am supposed to finalize my career. I have always been one with a plan, but it is safe to say the things I have experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic were certainly unexpected.

Music Review: Quarantine fuels Charli XCX’s creativity in ‘how i’m feeling now’

Pop has experienced a resurgence in creativity with Charli XCX at the forefront. In “how i’m feeling now,” one of her most interactive releases, Charli XCX delivers her most honest record yet.

Photographer hopes his work will inspire action

William Camargo, photographer and arts educator, joined the University of La Verne’s photography department in a Zoom session May 14 to showcase his performative activism photography.

Pandemic gives new meaning to online dating

Couples and singles around the world have been “Zooming” to find creative accommodations to help keep their love life alive and well, despite being forced to social distance. 

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