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'Abortion under any circumstance is a very difficult decision, but I think that if it can minimize the trauma of having to go through an actual surgical procedure, than I'd rather see that than see women go through botched attempts and die as a result.' --Lisa Jolly, director of alumni relations

Drug agency releases RU486

One of the nation’s greatest debates became even more controversial with the Federal Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the abortion pill RU486. The series of two pills, designed to induce a pregnant woman to expel her fetus within the first seven weeks, will be marketed in the United States as Mifepristone.

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Phi Delta Theta Fraternity members sophomore Danny Craig, junior Victor Garcia and sophomore Tou Her clean up a section of the 210 Freeway onramp, which the fraternity adopted. The Adopt-A-Highway program requires that the fraternity clean up a two-mile total stretch of highway, in both east and westbound directions, twice a month. In addition to Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Kappa Sorority has also adopted a highway section. / photo by Juan Garcia

Fraternity lends efforts in cleanups

by Jason Cooper Staff Writer Members of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity began their recruitment week in a charitable style. On Sunday, they worked on their adopted two-mile total stretch of the 210 Freeway off Foothill Boulevard, restoring it to a somewhat-clean state. The Adopt-A-Highway program provides an opportunity for highway beautification through the removal of […]

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