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People can’t get enough Fortnite

The concept for Fortnite was first revealed in 2011, and today it is one of the most popular games with over 3 million concurrent users across various consoles.

Texting could add 60 lbs to spine

Junior computer science major Sean Gribben said he spends about 16 hours a day playing video games.

Pokémon Go captures fans’ hearts

Many people, from children to adults, spent their summer wandering in crowded parks, malls and beaches with their cell phone in hand and one goal in mind: to catch them all. However, the summer craze of Pokémon Go has not died out. Fans of the Pokémon franchise at the University of La Verne are still reliving their childhoods and using the augmented reality mobile game as a way to socialize

Fighting the Status Quo: Women gamers break stereotypes

Although there is a considerable number of women in the gaming community, some still feel uncomfortable participating in this hobby because of sexism and harassment.

Fighting the Status Quo: Industry grows to include women

Elke Teichmann, who earned her master’s degree in digital media production from Oxford Brookes University in 2014, co-produced and co-directed the documentary called “Boys’ Toy?” for her master’s dissertation. The documentary explored the sexualization of women video game characters. Teichmann said the first step toward combating sexism in games is to have more women in decision-making positions in the video game industry.

Fighting the Status Quo: Companies sexualize women in games

Documentary filmmaker Elke Teichmann sat down with Hope Caton, one of the writers for the 1999 game “Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation,” and handed her a sheet with nine different designs of the game’s protagonist, Lara Croft. After a quick look, Caton spotted and pointed to the fourth variation.

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