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Dorm flood forces students out

Eighteen students had to be evacuated from their suites in the Vista La Verne dorm the first week of classes following a slow hot water heater leak that caused drywall to crumble and floors to buckle, as well as damaging students’ personal items.

Accident outside ACB

A University of La Verne student looking for a parking spot collided with a local business owner’s truck Tuesday on D Street in front of the Vista La Verne residence hall.

First Person Experience: Stranger finds easy access to dorms

During a one-month period I attempted to enter all dorm buildings on the University of La Verne campus.

Commentary: Cleanliness without oppression

I have never once faced any drastic health risks, parasites or violated any safety regulations set forth by housing, nor do I plan on going crazy breaking rules now that I am on my way out. I will, however, have to speak up about the latest health inspection that was done in my suite.

Building upward has high price tag

With Vista La Verne and the Campus Center exceeding the City of La Verne’s height restriction, the city implemented additional fees, or taxes, to the University of La Verne to pay for fire and other public services required for these buildings.

Students struggle to find parking

With the glut of new students on campus this fall, the small University’s challenging parking situation has become even more challenging.

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