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As curtains close amid pandemic, artists and entertainers adapt

Many in the arts and entertainment industries have found creative ways to work while the effects of COVID-19 have left many unemployed and organizations at a loss for what to do to continue their work.

Music professor continues weekly concerts on Facebook

A University of La Verne professor has combined fast-paced flamenco strums with the soothing plucking of classical guitar and created life, energy and community through a Facebook live stream. 

Restaurant Review: ULV couple caters to college crowd

If you are looking for a place to have nice cuisine, to enjoy a stiff drink or just to dance the night away, Walter’s Restaurant in the Claremont Village is the place to go.

Local spots prove friendly for college couples

If that Valentine's dinner has emptied your wallet, the cities of La Verne and Claremont are home to numerous privately-owned restaurants that provide the desired atmosphere at a reasonable price.

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