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Heat wave finally gives way to rain

The first rainy day of the season Tuesday was the day everyone anticipated after the long lingering heat wave of the summer.

California needs the rain

Some Southern Californians are so hard to please, especially when it comes to the weather.

Heavy rains flood campus buildings

A powerful rainstorm blew through the University of La Verne Campus last week, leaving numerous buildings flooded and requiring considerable clean-up.

Year-round fires strike California

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger made it clear in a news broadcast Sunday that we can no longer plan on fire season in the fall. In reality, we now have a year-round fire season.

Santa Anas strike again

It is officially fall, and those darn Santa Ana winds are causing quite a ruckus once again. These are extremely dry offshore winds that...

Winter California Style

Winter weather may be coming to a close in Southern California. Winters here are hardly ever dependable, changing from year to year and day to day.

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