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Bon Appétit workers protest unfair wages in walkout

Bon Appétit employees participate in a walkout from The Spot on Tuesday in protest of what they say are unfair working conditions and an outdated union contract.

ULV dining service workers vote in favor of strike

Bon Appétit employees at the University of La Verne continue to fight for pay raises in their long-overdue renewed contract, which expired in August 2019. Workers went on a strike vote on Tuesday where 100% of the votes made were in favor of authorizing a strike. 

Students need clarity on COVID information

Students of the University of La Verne need access to more information regarding COVID-19. As of this semester, students know that there is a vaccination mandate or a required form to fill out for an exemption. But beyond those requirements, students are lacking what measures to take if they get sick on campus. 

Letter to the Editor

In many recent discussions I have -- much to my own dismay -- perceived a pattern that should be most disturbing to any concerned with the value of education. Karen McMahan of Whittier College, chastening a student, said, "Your problem is that you want a college degree, not a college education." It is my opinion that this statement also applies to many here at La Verne.

Cost of ULV still best price in town

For the past few years, tuition at the University of La Verne has made some significant price jumps. In the past two years, tuition has gone up by five percent each year. The previous year, tuition leaped by 7.9 percent, and the year before that, tuition went up 6.9 percent.

Davenport food fails comparison

Aramark Dining Services at the University of La Verne can provide special foods to students with specific dietary needs.

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