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Worley shares craft with community

At first glance, the picture on his office wall seems like any other ordinary photograph of a group of people. Take another careful glance and you begin to notice something a bit peculiar. Take an even closer look and you see what it really is: a picture of homosexuals and transvestites dressed in full drag celebrating Fasching, Munich, Germany’s version of Mardi Gras.

Wilson Library remains accessible to students

To some, the Wilson Library may seem like an unapproachable building standing way off in the distance on D Street next to the AAIC building; but in actuality it is an accessible and helpful resource.

Parking squeeze hits ULV

Parking at the University of La Verne has again been brought to question as some students fear that the current con­struction of the new library may block spaces on the corner of C and Second street, as well as those in the Wilson Library parking lot.

Library progress becomes apparent

Of the many noticeable structures students saw coming on the ULV campus is Wilson Library, now under its fourth month of construction.

Library renovations coming

The Wilson Library begins to undergo changes for the coming years, i.e. an increase in size, starting with a hallway through the current newspaper room.

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