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We must all join together to stop Asian hate

Since the pandemic began, Asian communities have faced an alarmingly higher rate of hate, racism and xenophobia, and being labeled as “unclean” or as “viruses.” These types of racist and ignorant remarks have no place in the modern day and need to be addressed and stopped.

Building positivity in the face of pandemic fears

It’s easy for the global COVID-19 pandemic to instill a negative and gloomy outlook, but some people have started embracing this as a time for unity and building prosperity rather than contributing to the spread of fear and paranoia. 

Coronavirus forces all classes online

The University of La Verne will transition all classes to online only effective Monday through April 12, according to a campus-wide email sent out Wednesday. This is in response to the coronavirus.

Prioritizing mental health

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, or NIMH, one in five American adults live with a mental illness.

Genital mutilation still legal in U.S.

Joanna Vergoth boarded a plane from New York to Kentucky to meet with a survivor of female genital mutilation and promote legislation to make the practice of genital mutilation illegal on May 6.

Commentary: Judge’s ruling endangers young girls

Female genital mutilation, a procedure that cuts young girls’ genitalia for social, cultural and religious reasons, has been banned in the United States for more than 20 years – until a recent ruling from a federal judge in Michigan.

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