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Writers Archives: Bailey Porter

Bailey Porter, Web Editor

Politicians poke holes in preservation efforts

When I was in middle school, I bought a T-shirt from World Wildlife Fund. The front was filled with a striking silkscreen image of a silverback gorilla and the back read: “Extinction is forever.” I loved this shirt with its 1990s oversized-style and biting statement about the fragility of animals and their natural habitats. I […]

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Web sites offer textbooks at bargain prices

Armed with my syllabi, I marched into the University of La Verne Bookstore. Since classes have already begun, there were few used books so I grabbed as many as I could and decided not to even look at the prices when I had to opt for the new texts. Just after finalizing my student loans […]

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Performance awards saved for now

University administrators have provided reasonable assurance that performance scholarships will be preserved, despite rumors that the awards would be phased out or even cut from next year’s budget due to the institution’s growing budget deficit.

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