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New to the University of La Verne, Heather Podsakoff was chosen as the general manager for Bon Appétit. She earned a bachelor’s degree at Biola University before first returning there as director of catering for Bon Appétit. Podsakoff said she loves the friendly atmosphere on campus and she has taken to exploring the various buildings. Her current favorite is Founders Hall. / photo by Amanda Nieto

Dining services get new chief

Barbara’s Place and Davenport Dining Hall are filled with familiar faces, workers and students greet each other as they see each other for the second, third time a day. But a fresh new face can now be spotted, as ULV’s dining halls welcomes the new general manager of Bon Appétit, Heather Podsakoff.

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Kim Martin, professor of anthropology, loves collecting dolls and traveling the world. One of her favorite decorations in her office is a clay sculpture of a storyteller she got in Oaxaca, Mexico. It was made by a woman artist who worked with few raw materials to make many sculptures for tourists. Martin says that the sculpture is beautiful because it “symbolizes generations passing down wisdom.” Martin loves this sculpture because it reminds her of herself, she is a storyteller, a teacher, and a grandmother of three boys. Photo by/ Stephanie Ball

Martin stands for women of ULV

As you step inside Hoover 105 you find yourself submerged in a myriad of small international treasures. Your eyes shift around the room not knowing where to look first but a colorful set of Oaxacan dolls capture your attention, you then notice the countless of books that fill every corner. Three Vietnamese paintings are hung […]

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