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Marcus Eriksen, cofounder and director of research for the 5 Gyres Institute, visited the University of La Verne on Friday, April 13. Eriksen discussed his book Junk Raft: An Ocean Voyage and a Rising Tide of Activism to Fight Plastic Pollution in La Fetra Auditorium. While on a trip to the Sahara desert Eriksen discovered a camel corpse full of plastic in place of its stomach. Eriksen collected the plastic and placed it in a bag to bring along to lectures to show the impact of plastic pollution around the world.

Plastic ‘smog’ spreads in the ocean

Marcus Eriksen, co-founder of 5 Gyres Institute, sailed from Long Beach to Hawaii on a raft kept afloat with plastic bottles to raise awareness about plastic pollution in marine environments. Eriksen shared his story, the organization’s discoveries about plastic pollution, and its effect on marine life with an audience of 40 people Friday in LaFetra […]

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