Senioritis: No cure, no problem?

Katherine Hillier, Managing Editor

This is my last semester in college and I must say I have a serious case of senioritis.

All of a sudden homework has become a hard pill to swallow and that diploma at the end of the tunnel is just not close enough.

As managing editor of Campus Times and editor of La Verne Magazine, I am buried with work.

My former self would probably be spending countless hours on Saturday evenings sweating over papers, but my senioritis self is just taking a chill pill.

I know I should be perfecting papers and studying for exams on the weekends, but sometimes I just find myself reading the newspaper with my boyfriend on Sunday mornings and being blissfully happy – in complete denial that there are any red hot deadlines and papers looming in my future.

I know I’m living in a dream world, but I have recently decided, due to my deathly serious case of senioritis, that the priorities in my life have shifted a little and I’m completely O.K. with that.

School is my ticket to a successful future, but sometimes it becomes all too life consuming and I forget to enjoy those moments in between – those moments of relaxation and laughter.

Senioritis has solved that problem for me.

I’m 23 and have been in college since I was 19, and I’m simply tired.

After I graduated high school I had the great opportunity to visit my dad in Japan for a while and then I basically took a year off of school before college. That year off was a great pause in my life where I could sit-back and just figure out what I wanted to do.

Obviously I decided that an education would be a great “first step” into a successful career.

I spent the next four years violently trying to achieve that goal, and now, after all that, I am exhausted!

Maybe it’s a little too early to take this chill pill, but I find it to be the only appropriate medication for my dire state of sickness.

I am just going to relax on the weekends, giggle with my friends, chitchat with my sister and blow kisses to my boyfriend. These are the things that make me truly happy.

Even though I haven’t quite finished this semester, I want to take the time to enjoy those people who have supported me all this way.

Having the weekend at least gives me something to look forward to all week.

Then, early Monday morning, it’s back to school for me. Yes, I agree that waking up at 5 a.m. Monday through Friday to finish homework is a little extreme, but it definitely makes the weekends much better.

Sometimes it seems that if I only have a few hours to finish a few papers I’ll get a lot more work done than if I had a few days. Giving myself tighter deadlines is actually forcing me to be extremely productive during the week.

I have about two months of school left; two months of crazy Monday through Friday cramming, and then I’ll finally be able to relax.

Well, actually, doesn’t the common work schedule involve severe intense work Monday through Friday?

Oh yeah, so maybe I don’t actually have senioritis, maybe I’m just secretly preparing myself for a life of fabulous weekends and intense work weeks.

Katherine Hillier, a senior journalism major, is managing editor of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at

Journalism operations manager at the University of La Verne. Production manager and business manager of the Campus Times.

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