Athletics Pavilion lockers burglarized

La Verne Police still have no suspects in the April 17 and 18 burglaries of several athletes’ lockers in the Athletics Pavilion.

Items stolen include iPads, keyboard cases, athletic shoes, bags and other miscellaneous items, according to Campus Safety officers, who said the theft took place between 6:30 p.m. and 10:30 a.m.

Lockers were unlocked at the time, said Associate Director of Campus Safety Jeff Clark.

The athletic teams’ locker rooms always remain open for the access of the athletes, many of whom do not use locks on their individual lockers.

Non-athletes can also enter the locker rooms, Clark said.

The gym was being used last Thursday between 10 p.m. and midnight for Phi Sigma Sigma’s “Phi, Set, Spike” philanthropy event.

The event not only included University of La Verne students but also students from other schools.

The cardio room and basketball gym was also open for student use during those hours.

For the basketball gym, students must show a La Verne student ID and provide sign in. For the cardio room, students must show a La Verne student ID to scan.

The La Verne Police Department is currently identifying physical evidence to pinpoint a specific suspect list, Clark said.

“I think making it accessible to only athletes is important because anyone can walk in at any time,” said soccer player Delanie Pacheco, whose gear bag with equipment was taken. “The locker room should have been locked.”

—Jolene Nacapuy and Julian Mininsohn

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