Students ring in new semester at Convocation

Associate Professor of Management and Leadership Deborah Olson asks Convocation attendees how many have felt stress while in school. Her speech, “Take Care of Your Future Self,” advised students and not to worry about other people but to make themselves happy. / photo by Helen Arase

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The sound of the University of La Verne’s spirit bell resonated in the athletic pavilion during Convocation on Aug.28, letting the La Verne community know that the 123rd academic year had begun.

Students, faculty, staff and community members filed into the athletic pavilion for the ceremony, and the master of ceremonies Provost Jonathan Reed welcomed all.

“It’s become a true community event,” said Barbara Mulligan, director of student life.

“Everyone is here and it sets the tone for the year.”

This year’s Convocation speakers were Megan Granquist, associate professor of kinesiology, who was introduced by Felicia Beardsley, dean of the college of arts and sciences, and Deborah Olson, associate professor of management and leadership, who was introduced by Ibrahim Helou, dean of the college of business and public management.

In her speech, Granquist encouraged her audience to move. She explained that all should focus on physical, mental and service movement.

“(Granquist’s) speech was a good analogy because I really like fitness, so it was easy to connect to,” said Isabella Torres, a freshman child development major.

Olson, on the other hand, wanted people to focus on taking care of their future self. She discussed issues that commonly occur in life, such as time management and stress.

She also questioned the notion that the people we surround ourselves with cause stress, asserting that the personal choices people make are what cause stress.

President Devorah Lieberman delivered the community message.

She began by welcoming the class of 2018, as well as returning students, and said that Convocation was an inspirational and magnificent day.

President Lieberman’s message also informed new students that the essence of the University is about contributing to the La Verne community.

“Words. Ideas. Values. That encompasses the University of La Verne,” Lieberman said in her community message.

“From Convocation to commencement, words, ideas and values are interwoven.”

Students and faculty listened intently as the president asked them what they were willing to contribute to the La Verne community.

“I enjoy hearing President Lieberman speak,” said Bree David, a sophomore liberal arts major. “She’s so welcoming.”

ASULV President David Asbra led the new students in the recital of the new student honor pledge and pledged allegiance to the University and its values.

The Lordsburg Brothers, the University’s resident barbershop quartet, entertained the crowd with their rendition of “So Happy Together.” The West African drum ensemble also offered entertainment during the ceremony’s processional and recessional.

Provost Reed made the closing remarks and encouraged all in attendance to join and sing the alma mater.

“They’re trying to put forth effort and have everyone feel connected,” Torres said.

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Associate Professor of Kinesiology Megan Granquist gives her speech titled “Move…” at Convocation Aug. 28. Her message was to live a healthy life and exercise body and brain. / photo by Helen Arase
Professor of Kinesiology Marilyn Oliver carries the University mace at the 123rd University Convo­cation processional ahead of President Devorah Lieberman before faculty and students enter the Sports Science and Athletics Pavilion Gymnasium. / photo by Helen Arase
Interim Provost Jonathan Reed closes the Convocation ceremony, leaving new and continuing students with words of encouragement for the 2014-2015 academic year. / photo by Sonora Hernandez
Lieberman has a casual conversation with students and faculty in the Johnson Family Plaza before the ringing of the Spirit Bell. / photo by Helen Arase
Criminology major Vanessa Sanchez and psychology major Stephanie Garcia recite the New Student Honor Pledge with Reed and ASULV President David Asbra. / photo by Helen Arase
Helen Arase

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