Exhibit explores eclectic approaches to painting

Neidenne Arevalo
Staff Writer

The Chan Gallery at the Pomona College Studio Art Hall on Columbia Avenue is hosting the exhibition “Painting: New Approaches,” which was collaboratively curated by Pomona College art students. 

The 45-painting exhibit is on display through Oct. 29.

The show focuses on new artists, some local some not, and the various styles of each artist. 

Alicia Garza, a senior studio art major at Pomona College, was one of the curators.

“We really wanted to explore starting with the idea of reaching out to MFA artists,” Garza said.  “We discovered different, new approaches that were not traditional oil painting (such as) new media and unique uses of color.” 

Featured artists Zoe Walsh and Solomin Salim Moore stood out to Garza, she said, because of their vibrant works.

Walsh featured two paintings, “To hold to have to hold to have to hold,” acrylic on a 48 by 36-inch canvas-wrapped panel and “To have cold water thicken on his tongue.”

“Come All Ye Rambling Rounders” of acrylic, casein, colored pencil, crayon and nail polish on a 12-inch by 9-inch panel, and “After the After Party,” a similar-sized monotype on paper with colored pencil were both painted by Moore.

The artists showcased in the exhibition were able to show new approaches to traditional subjects in painting like still life, landscape, portraiture and much more. 

Another painting, “Hurly Burly” is acrylic, flashe, spray paint and oil on canvas. It is 72 inches by 60 inches and created by Pui Tiffany Chow with vibrant colors and composition of different objects within the painting.

Artist Lauren Faigeles used oil and charcoal on a 44-inch by 34-inch canvas for the piece “W” with very light colors, and softly blended whites and pinks.

Maddie Rubin-Charlesworth, senior art major at Pomona College and one of the exhibit curators, was excited for viewers to see what she and her classmates put together. 

“Handling the artwork was very fascinating,” Rubin-Charlesworth said. “I grew up going to art galleries, so being able to put everything together and see the artwork up close was super-memorable.”

Kali Tindell-Griffin, senior art major, and Líanna Huang, senior economics major, at Pomona were very excited to come by the Chan Gallery and view the eclectic show. 

“One of my professors is showing her work in this exhibit, (and) this is my first time seeing any of the pieces, but I do have some familiarity with the artists that are in the show,” Tindell-Griffin said. “A lot of my friends worked on this project.”

“Painting in general as the subject of exhibition is of interest to me,” Huang said. “And we have some new professors that I’m taking classes with, so seeing their work in person is very cool.”

Seojin Ahn, Pomona senior art major and one of the curators, said she learned a lot while working on putting the exhibition together.

“We were able to show a lot of different artists that painted on different textures,” Ahn said “I think displaying this type of art allows people to understand painting is way more wide-ranged.”

The Chan Gallery is open from noon to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. “Painting: New Approaches” runs through Oct. 29. 

Neidenne Arevalo can be reached at neidenne.arevalo@laverne.edu.

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