Regional campuses go virtual

The University of La Verne’s Regional and Online Campuses will be transitioning from a campus model to a regional-serving model beginning with the Ontario and Irvine campuses as their leases end. 

The Ontario campus will serve the Riverside and San Bernardino County Region and the Irvine campus will serve the Orange County Region.

Ontario will transition to a virtual presence in April, and Irvine will transition in May. 

Offices and classrooms will be rented at multiple community college campuses throughout the regions to continue some in-person classes. 

University officials will announce specific community college locations for each region soon.

“To respond to market demands now, we have to continue to be innovative,” said University spokesman Oliver Unaka. 

“The reality is more individuals are determining that they need… or want flexibility to complete the program that’s near and dear to their heart with minimal interruptions or disruptions to their daily lives,” Unaka added. “We are in a position where we can provide that through our ROC campuses.”

Susan Lomeli, director of the Burbank Regional campus, said the University is beginning with the Ontario and Irvine campuses. And it is looking to transition two other ROC campuses in the future. 

“It really spans our offerings in the colleges and it gives us an opportunity to broaden our reach as a University and to do so by having a presence at the community college campuses where we already have many of our transfer students coming from the community college campuses,” Lomeli said. “It just makes sense to be there and have them transition from finishing up a two year degree to stay where they’re at.” 

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— Samira Felix

Samira Felix, a junior journalism major with a concentration in print-online journalism, is news editor for the Campus Times. She previously served as a staff writer.

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