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Newspaper Loses Fight for Money

The official voice and representative of the student body is the ASF Forum. The primary purpose of the Forum is to act in the best interests of the student, body as a whole. These 13 members budget the $40 student body fee toward activities, events, publications and other hap­penings that are deemed worthwhile by a majority vote of forum members. Meetings are open, and all students are invited to attend.

The Associated Student Forum twice (Jan. 20 and again Jan. 27) refused to grant a request of the Campus Times to transfer its student funds to one central bank account.

Refusal, as stated by Forum representatives centered on losing control of the campus newspaper.

Until this semester, the Campus Times has been an extra-curricular activity produced chiefly by volunteer journalists.

Beginning with this issue, the Campus Times will be produced by journalism students enrolled in a career journalism curriculum.

The paper is now operated and published under a professional code of ethics.

ASF member Kitty Woodall said she was opposed to transferring funds out of ASF control because, “a student not on the staff could not contribute to the Campus Times.”

Tom Caso argued against losing control of the Campus Times by saying: (1)the Campus Times holds the third largest account in the ASF budget; (2) if the Campus Times becomes a laboratory publication, that means it is a class and the ASF supports no other classes; (3) the Journalism Department is taking the newspaper away from the students as a student activity.

Campus Times representative George Keeler answered that the college newspaper will accept contributions, art work and pictures on a free lance basis as does the L.A. Times, the New York Times and other professional newspapers.

In response, Keeler said the journalism students receive 1/2 course credit (2 units) now as they have in the past, the chief difference being that formerly few students enrolled for credit, writing when and if they chose. Now, staff members must be enrolled. Keeler said that the ASF has consistently supported the Campus Times as a class.

Now, the Board of Trustees is adding their support so that the Campus Times can publish weekly and serve as a real life laboratory for student journalists, Keeler explained.

Tom Caso then moved that all existing Campus Times funds should be tran­sferred into the ASF surplus account. The motion died for lack of a second.

George Keeler then re-stated his original proposal of the previous meeting; that all Campus Times monies be transferred into one central account; taking the money out of the control of the ASF. With this motion all Campus Times monies would be under the control of the Campus Times Business Manager.

Tom Caso immediately called for immediate postponement; but his motion failed.

Keeler’s original proposal was put to a roll call vote. The results are as follows: Don Carter, No; Tom Caso, No; Penny Datner, No; Pam Grand, No; George Keeler. Yes; Steve Levy, Abstain; Tony Maltese, No; Nate Northup, No; Doug Overlock, Abstain; Diane Shively, No; Dwayne Smith, Abstain;. Kitty Woodall, No; Fred Terrell was absent.

This defeat leaves the money in the ASF budget under its control.

“The Campus Times will continue to operate in an independent, responsible manner according to its professional code of ethics,” Keeler said, even though the ASF funds have not been transferred.

“However, the Campus Times ap­preciates the fact that the ASF did not transfer the Campus Times monies into the general account.”

Keeler concluded, that even though the funds are impounded, the Campus Times will continue to furnish free subscriptions to all students with ASF support.

The Campus Times is the weekly student newspaper for the University of La Verne.

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