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Wexler fizzles at CAB comedy show

Comedian Blake Wexler performs Tuesday in LaFetra Auditorium. Wexler has written for Comedy Central and worked on TV shows such as “Teachers” on TVLand and “Key & Peele.” During his performance sponsored by the Campus Activities Board, students had the opportunity to win movie tickets and enjoy complimentary Domino’s pizza. / photo by Nadira Fatah

Taylor Bolanos
LV Life Editor

Not everyone has what it takes to make a crowd laugh, and even fewer comedians can engage a tough crowd for an hour.

“Anyone can tell a joke, not everyone can be funny,” comedian Blake Wexler said after his sketch hosted by the Campus Activities Board Tuesday night in LaFetra Auditorium.

Between jokes about dead animals, dating, ghosts and the stereotypical fraternity lifestyle, Wexler made an effort to engage the college audience with questions directed toward them. He also used a variety of comedic voices and self-deprecating jokes to draw laughs from the crowd.

“Dating is a nightmare, It’s like gambling,” Wexler said as he described the trials of dating. “‘I bet a $125 dinner that you’re not insane.’” And “Men are so annoying that girls have to buy themselves jewelry so men don’t buy them drinks.”

CAB comedy chairman and sophomore biology major Matt Ghanadian chose Wexler to perform for La Verne.

“I always ask, ‘What kind of comedians do you listen to,’” Ghanadian said. “The people (Wexler) looks up to are the people I listen to.”

Wexler started his comedy career in Philadelphia when he was 15 and later started doing stand up in Boston, but long gone are Wexler’s days of small stand-up shows.

He has been seen on Comedy Central and has performed for large crowds.

“It’s fun,” Wexler said. “You get to talk uninterrupted for an hour. I love talking about stuff that I think is stupid.”

With anecdotes and relatable stories from his life, Wexler held a fairly tame show that appealed to the audience.

“I think his humor is honestly universally funny. He doesn’t target certain groups or leave anyone out,” Ghanadian said.

Although sophomore kinesiology major Kirsten Contreras enjoyed the show she had several critiques.

“He kind of forgot where his jokes were going,” Contreras said.

Wexler kept his performance simple, but that may have worked against him.

“He was kind of plain,” Contreras said. “When you watch Kevin Hart, he has a lot of stuff going on. (Wexler) could have been more enthusiastic. I’d give him a ‘B’ on his performance. It wasn’t the best show I’ve seen at La Verne, but it made me laugh.”

With mixed reviews from the audience, Wexler encourages aspiring comedians to step out of their comfort zone.

“Just do it. Go to an open mic, go to a show,” Wexler said. “Go to an open mic, and you’ll see how people are. People aren’t great when they first start out.”

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Nadira Fatah

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