Indie bands bring music lovers together

Integra Pink's guitarist Bardo Mendez and drummer Nick Jauregui perform May 5 at The Haven in Pomona. The band’s sound combines punk, folk and cumbia influences. / photo by Olivia Modarelli
Integra Pink’s guitarist Bardo Mendez and drummer Nick Jauregui perform May 5 at The Haven in Pomona. The band’s sound combines punk, folk and cumbia influences. / photo by Olivia Modarelli

Anisa Salazar
Staff Writer

Music lovers gathered to dance and enjoy bands playing Sunday at The Haven in Pomona. The four indie and alternative rock bands showcased were Sluttony, Funds for Jimmy, Trash Day and Integra Pink.

Doors opened at 7 p.m. and by the end of the night the room held approximately 70 people. Guests were able to buy pre-sale tickets online for $15.50 or at the door for $17.

Antique chandeliers hung from the ceiling and broken instruments decorated the wall, emphasizing the alternative aesthetic for people who enjoy this type of atmosphere.

Guests appreciate the tight-knit community that these shows form.

“It’s a more intimate setting so you actually have the chance to talk to the bands afterward,” Viktorea Sanchez, photographer for Integra Pink, said. “The bands that you listen to, the music that you like, you can actually go talk to them and even sometimes end up being friends with them.”

Sound engineer Damian Torres described The Haven as a smaller, DIY venue. As a more lenient venue, guests do not have to deal with things like security or bars. Torres said the music is what people are there for and what the venue is really about.

Sluttony’s singer Hannah Goodwin gets up close and personal with the crowd May 5 at The Haven in Pomona. The group also includes drummer Sabine Hovnanian. / photo by Olivia Modarelli

Throughout the show and between sets, guests were able to step outside to buy merch from the bands. The band members were selling the merch, allowing an opportunity for guests to talk and meet the artists.

Atiana Lopez, fan of rock music, loves the atmosphere and freedom that small venues bring.

Lopez said they attract people who have the same interests in listening to music live.

Different types of rock were played, giving everyone in attendance the chance to find what they enjoyed the most, or experience a genre that they may have never seen live before.

Trash Day started the night with more of an indie and punk rock set, while Funds for Jimmy came on next with more emo and screamo influences. Sluttony then continued the punk vibe and even ended their set by covering the song “Take Me Away” by Lash. Integra Pink’s unique sound was created from a large range of music, from cumbia rock to classic rock.

Precious Joiner, a fan of rock music, heard about the venue through Lopez, and after looking through The Haven’s Instagram, she was excited to attend. She only knew of Sluttony before attending, but after liking Trash Day’s set she was looking forward to the other artists that she had yet to hear.

Molly Grace of Funds for Jimmy sings at a May 5 concert at The Haven in Pomona. The Pomona-based garage band released its first album, “Bankrupt,” last year. / photo by Olivia Modarelli

“I think with smaller shows like these, even though it’s a handful of people, if the band is good, the music will fill up the rest of the room and it doesn’t feel empty,” Joiner said. “The music is so loud you don’t even care about the crowd, you only care about the music.”

Torres said The Haven has gone through waves of music, in 2019 and 2020 there were lots of indie bands similar to what was played on Sunday, but right now there is a big wave of heavier music.

He talked about the big hardcore scene going through right now, and the shows that highlight more emo and hardcore music are usually sold out.

“The dope music that is in the scene right now, you see a bunch of cool bands that you may never have heard of before, they come here and they blow my mind,” Torres said. “I love seeing the crowds and (the) scene, all the different types of people that come, especially for all the different types of shows. There’s young people and older people, you’ll find every type of crowd that just comes and enjoys these shows.”

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Trash Day band members Ethan Reichwald, on vocals and guitar, and Chris Fleischer, on drums, perform at a May 5 concert at The Haven in Pomona. The band just released its new single, “Take My Money,” on all streaming platforms. / photo by Olivia Modarelli

Olivia Modarelli, a senior journalism major with a concentration in print-online journalism, is a staff photographer for the Campus Times. She previously served as a staff writer and copy editor.

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