Pomona church honors mothers and daughters

Anisa Salazar
Staff Writer 

Mt. Sinai Church of God in Christ encouraged mothers and daughters of many generations to come together this year through a Mother’s Day tea event Saturday in Pomona.

This was a free event held by the Blossom ministry. Approximately 60 guests in attendance reserved a seat by visiting the Blossom table after Sunday service or by contacting the church office.

The tea event began with the president of Blossom and evangelist Bethany Sims introducing the event and a prayer. 

Advice on motherhood was given by evangelist Ardelia Rhone, reflecting on the wisdom she has gained from motherhood and the different ways she kept a peaceful household. By having devotion to her children every day, Rhone knew that through God and being consistent she would be able to teach her children love, cooperation and support.

“If our children don’t learn from us, where are they going to get it from?” Rhone said. “We can’t expect the church to do everything for us.”

Tables were decorated by members of the church and toward the end of the event they announced a first, second and third place winner, each of them receiving prizes. The first-place winner received Bath and Body Works and a $50 gift card. Second place was given a kit from Bath and Body Works, and the third place winner received a set from Bath and Body Works alongside a journal. 

Sims knew that people would sign up for the competition as many of them are very competitive. 

“Once everyone signed up we let them come up with their own theme for their table,” Sims said. “We didn’t box them into a theme, that way they had the creative liberty to do whatever they wanted to do.” 

Each table was uniquely decorated and some even featured special china that belonged to their grandmother’s and mother’s tea sets. Although there was catered food like mini sandwiches, pastries and fruit, guests put their tea food on the table, including foods like cookies and tea cakes for the table to enjoy variety. 

Worship leader Trendalyn McCarthy’s table took her back to tea time when she was a kid, sitting on the grass in the backyard. She decorated the table with fake grass, rose petals, pearls and her grandmother’s china tea set that has been passed down. While using the older tea set, she also bought a new tea set to represent her and her daughter coming together. 

“I decided to do old generation meets new generation because there is a beauty to both and we need to learn how to embrace both of them and bring them together,” McCarthy said. 

While having some free time to eat and drink their tea, some guests made their way over to the photo booth that was provided to capture the memories of the day.  

A list of the best teas was curated and presented to inform the guests what kinds would work best as remedies or help factors in everyday life. Ginger tea can help with pain, nausea and sore throats, while chamomile tea is known for its relaxing qualities, benefiting sleep or reducing anxiety.  

Evangelist René Anderson spoke about wanting to rebuke the saying that kids don’t come with instructions. When Anderson had her children, at the forefront of her mind was to honor God, and with this, she discovered that his word provides instructions.

“Mothering is such a powerful identity, we should not take it for granted,” Anderson said.

Anisa Salazar can be reached at anisa.salazar@laverne.edu.

Anisa Salazar is a freshman communications major with a concentration in public relations and a staff writer for the Campus Times.

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