Students raise concerns at town hall meeting

Autumn Simon
Staff Writer

Students got the opportunity to ask 15 members of administration about hot topics such as tuition increase, the parking structure for next year and food at the Pajama Power Hour town hall meeting Monday night.

President Devorah Lieber­man and ASULV hosted the spring semester’s town hall meeting in LaFetra Lecture Hall.

“I don’t know any other university in the country that has a dialogue about how the students and faculty members can work together and make the University a better experience for everyone,” Lieberman said.

The 4.9 percent increase in traditional undergraduate tuition was the topic most discussed.

“The 4.9 percent goes to increase faculty, the salaries of staff, facilities and financial aid,” said Interim Provost Jonathan Reed.

ASULV’s senator at large Anthony Reyes recently wrote a unanimously voted upon resolution stating that ASULV denounced the University’s raise in tuition.

Another topic discussed was the hike in price of parking permits. For next year, parking permits will cost $65 instead of $50. Also discussed were the new rules for parking, the shuttle lot and the developing topic for adding a shuttle lot for West Campus.

“For fall 2014 freshman commuter students are only allowed to park in the shuttle lot, so there can be more parking options,” Stanley Skipworth, director of campus safety and transportation, said.

Justin Alarcon, executive chef for Bon Appétit, listened to suggestions from the students to make Barbara’s Place and Davenport Dining Hall better like adding a smoothie machine in Barbara’s Place, a juice bar in Davenport and bringing a variety of healthy alternatives.

Administrators said that if students have an issue with anything on campus they should let administration know through outlets like Davenport comment cards and the question wall which is part of the Master Plan.

“I love this opportunity for administration and faculty members to be able to listen to the student’s needs,” Dean of Student Affairs Loretta Rahmani said.

“It’s up to the students to use this meeting to make it a better campus.”

Other topics touched were facilities and more benefits for commuters and Greek life.

“Every issue that was brought up last time, we addressed and we improved, this time we plan on doing the exact same thing,” Lieberman said.

The town hall had a turnout of about 50 students who input their opinions to the administration without any disputes.

“It is never we versus them, it’s always us and that’s what this pajama power hour does, it unites us all faculty, administration, and students to make the La Verne experience a success,” Lieberman said.

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