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CAB comedian jokes with audience

The Campus Activities Board hosted a comedian event and gave away free chicken strips and pink lemonade Tuesday night in the Campus Center Ballroom. Food attracted students to the event, but the Montana native and California University of Pennsylvania graduate, Derrick Knopsnyder, kept students laughing. Knopsnyder has been performing stand up comedy since 2010. / photo by Chelsey Morrison

Gabriella Chikhani
Staff Writer

Comedian Derrick Knopsnyder kept about 80 students laughing Tuesday night in the Campus Center Ballroom during the Campus Activities Board’s comedian event.

Knopsnyder made jokes about tuition, family, women, college majors and awkward people as he questioned students on their own experiences.

“I liked that he talked to the audience and involved their stories with his and that actually made him a better comedian because he made it relatable to the audience,” freshman accounting major, Andrew Moreno said.

Knopsnyder asked Moreno what his major was and said that being an accounting major must make him funny, and called him out for covering his mouth while laughing.

“If you hold in a laugh it will come out as a fart later,” Knopsnyder said.

Knopsnyder graduated from California University of Pennsylvania with a degree in professional golf management, which he joked about during his set. He also discussed going through school with attention-deficit disorder.

“I take Adderall,” Knops­nyder said. “I sell Adderall, I could be your drug dealer.”

CAB ran out of chicken tenders in the first five minutes but that did not stop students from strolling in and laughing about college quidditch teams being made up of virgins, “friend-zoning” and being fired from bad jobs.

“I wanted somebody who could make it relatable to everyone so that no one demographic felt left out,” sophomore biology major and CAB comedian chairman Matthew Ghanadian said.

The comedian opened the floor to students and created jokes on the spot. The students guided the show in the direction they wanted.

“I felt like he wasn’t like most comedians because he didn’t make mean jokes, it was more like a friend-to-friend comedy skit,” freshman psychology major, Ebony Clarke said.

Knopsnyder made references to Chris Brown and Rihanna’s domestic violence and made a joke about a student in the audience being high.

“I found the performance hard to relate to but obviously everyone goes through different experiences so I guess that’s why he called on students to hear about their stories,” junior international business major, Evelsy Cruz said.

Cruz thought the comedian recycled a few jokes found on social media. One included a joke about running away from something following.

The audience laughed at Knopsnyder as he jokingly accused students of not following the University’s dry campus policy and having connections to buy marijuana.

“He tried to make a connection with each person in the crowd and I thought it was funny, not particularly offensive,” freshman criminology major, Gracyn Brown said.

Knopsnyder invited students to approach him after the show for pictures and followed students back on Twitter. You can follow the comedian on his Twitter @dknop or Instagram @dknop22.

Gabriella Chikhani can be reached at gabriella.chikhani@laverne.edu.

Chelsey Morrison

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