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Senior art exhibit showcases talent

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by R. Anthony Thurman
Staff Writer

What do you get when you mix music, paint and sculptures with young passionate seniors? Well, come out to the annual University of La Verne senior art exhibit and find out.

The ULV art department is presenting “Dazzling Visual Effects,” the name of the senior art exhibit opening next week.

Seniors John Stiefling, Wendy Uzarski and Christine Wichert will be showcasing their fascinating talents at the opening reception from 7-9 p.m., Monday, May 13, in the Harris Art Gallery.

Currently the seniors are working hard setting up their works of art in the gallery for the opening reception.

Wichert’s work will consist of beautiful, lifelike paintings while the work of Stiefeling and Uzarski’s will be a mixture of modern and abstract art.

“I want people to see the artwork that the students at ULV are doing,” said Wichert. “Because many of the people at the school are surprised to hear that we even have an art department.”

Stiefeling will showcase three different forms of contemporary artwork.

One form of art will be a digital print on a mechanical cylinder dealing with the compression of time and space.

And if you think that is hard to comprehend, wait until you listen to his sound art, which is 137 songs compressed on top of each other, so when played, all 137 songs play simultaneously.

Uzarski will be displaying her talents in the field of sculpting and sound art.

Ruth Trotter, head of the art department, is proud of her student’s work and believes that the senior art exhibit moves them one step closer to their professional careers.

“This is something we have every year, something that all the seniors are required to do,” said Trotter.

“It serves as a bridge between their student life and professional life, it is a culmination of their four years of art at ULV; these seniors each has produced excellent work.”

The seniors are excited about the art exhibit and hope to receive a good turnaround of students, family and friends.

Food and drinks will be provided at the opening reception.

The artwork of Stiefeling, Uzarski and Wichert will be on display from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. until May 26 in the Harris Art Gallery.

For more information on the exhibit, call the Art Department at (909) 392-2758.

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