Four bands battle for grand prize

Booty shorts, guitars, keyboards, a synthesizer and lots of musicians.

The first Battle of the Bands took place May 2 in Founders Auditorium.

The event, which was sponsored by CAB and ASULV, included four bands battling for the first place title and prize.

The grand prize was a $500 gift certificate to Guitar Center.

“I think it was a really successful event, especially compared to other ones,” CAB Concert Committee Chair Kellie Salmeron said.

The three judges – Shane Rodrigues, Chip West and Reed Gratz – took originality, costume, stage presence, musical ability and overall performance into consideration when selecting the winner.

Each band had only 15 minutes to win over the audience and judges and would be disqualified if they failed to stay within the time limit.

It was clear to see what band the audience was most fond of; the Ready Aim Fire! They were quick to gain the audience’s attention as they made their way onto the stage in red, white, blue, pink and yellow booty shorts.

“We wanted to wear costumes and show off our figures,” guitarist Ryan Trautz said.

“I’m feeling it,” said freshman Karlie Harstad. “I really like them.”

Besides the usual drums and guitar, their five-member band included two keyboards and a synthesizer.

“I didn’t think we were going to win; all the bands were really good,” lead singer Dave Trautz said. “I was really glad we got to play so I just want to thank everyone who got us here.”

This band stood out from the rest.

“They seem more developed,” musician Jon-Michael Hattabaugh said “You can tell they practice a lot.”

Second place and a $200 certificate to Guitar Center was awarded to the four-member band The Adaptation.

The first band to play, Scareo played three songs including “Skulls Blown Open.” Scareo was composed of four men, but failed to please the crowd since there wasn’t much applause after their performance.

“I felt they were too robotic,” Hattabaugh said.

The third to play was the four-member band Zero Hour.

The music styles varied from indie-punk rock to heavy metal.

“I think they all did very well,” Salmeron said. “I think it turned out well and hopefully people liked it.”

“I thought it was very fun and it was a very good variety of music,” junior communications major Jen McElroy said.

Salmeron decided to put on the event because she said a lot of people wanted to have one. However, she didn’t realize how time consuming the event would be to put on.

About 10 bands wanted to participate in the event. Salmeron chose the bands based on the type of music the audience would be most interested in and bands that were “radio friendly.”

A fifth band made the list but failed to show up.

Rodrigues hopes that next year’s Battle of the Bands will attract more people because it is a fun and exciting event.

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