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Okay, Danny boy, you and your people have had your fun; now how about letting me and my group get in on a little of the action, too?

Space Shuttle Deficiencies Propel Budget Into Orbit

Columbia, the pride of NASA and the nation, completed its second mission last Saturday. Although this was the first time a space vehi­cle has been used twice, the space shuttle may prove to be a lemon in the long run.

Shuttle Aids Technological Advancement of Tomorrow

It won't put food into hungry mouths right away, and it will not help balance a national budget that has grown faster than a debutante's allowance, but the space shuttle Columbia is worth every penny of the $8.8 billion it has cost.

Editor Acquires BLVD Troubles

"I'm gonna blow," I kept repeating to myself on Build La Verne Day Wednesday.

Why All the Brouhaha About ULV Parties?

Heckfire, ah don't know whut they find so entertainin' 'bout them night­ly roundups. Everybody's makin' like it were some real big hoedown or sumpin'. Now they definitely a wasn't holdin' no 4-H milkin' con­test, but some kinda contest was goin' on.

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