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Letters to the Editor

In your March 27, 1998, edition of the Campus Times, Angelica Martinez wrote an article entitled "Variety Show Reveals Hidden Talents." I was surprised to find out that the Black National Anthem had been changed from "Lift Every Voice" to "We Shall Overcome."

Oscar does not glitter with snub

Probably the best film to ever be put on the movie screen was "Titanic." So, Monday night, when "Titanic" won 11 of 14 Oscar nominations, not one person in the country should have been surprised.

Letters to the Editor

The Campus Times photo and journalism staffs did an excellent job in covering our pond cleanup effort.

For art or money?

Glued to their TV sets, movie-goers across the nation tuned into the 68th Annual Academy Awards ceremony on Monday. Surrounded by the controversy of Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition protest, the three hour and 39 minute show allowed viewers to catch a glimpse of Hollywood’s finest fashion and their favorite movie stars.

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