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Commentary: CAPA students are shut out of on-campus events

The University automatically includes an Associated Students of University of La Verne activity fee into traditional undergraduate tuition that helps pay for the numerous on and off campus events, including their biggest of the spring semester, Lavernapalooza.

Finally, a fee benefiting students

Imagine: The University of La Verne becoming a bustling institution of collegiate life with entertaining, academic and spirit-driven events enhancing the students’ experience to its full potential as the “best years of your life.”

Students cautiously optimistic of activity fee

Distrust is the main issue for students at the University of La Verne who are concerned with the possibility that the student activity fee might be raised in the next two years.

ASULV mulls fee hike

The Associated Students of the University of La Verne are looking to increase the student activities fee from $90 – a figure stagnant since 1982 – to $270, an increase to be phased in over the next two years.

$40 for activities, for whom?

Walking through the University of La Verne campus, it is not hard to miss the apathy students have towards this school.

Letters to the Editor

Sometimes I look at people at our school and wonder what they are thinking. One of these people is whoever thought it was a good idea to raise the activity fee for housing to $40 compared to what it's been the last three years - $20. That's inflation of 100 percent.

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