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Budget cuts are approved

Recently, the Board of Trustees approved the Action Task Force’s recommendations and President Stephen Morgan’s complementary changes, and has taken the last steps in preparing them for implementation. The approved recommendations will be implemented by fall 2007.

Are Friday night classes right?

In an attempt to reduce overcrowding in Monday through Thursday night classes, the University of La Verne’s administrators will make Friday night classes mandatory in each department. Although they have a perfectly good reason to create this policy, the program’s success is not guaranteed.

Action Task Force tackles campus cost cuts

The Action Task Force, formed in spring 2005, recently submitted 16 recommendations to University of La Verne President Stephen Morgan.

Leopard now leads CSCCU

Yvette Underdue-Murph, director of articulation and institutional image, was recently elected president of the Consortium of Southern California Colleges and Universities.

Performance awards saved for now

University administrators have provided reasonable assurance that performance scholarships will be preserved, despite rumors that the awards would be phased out or even cut from next year’s budget due to the institution’s growing budget deficit.

10-week term on table

A taskforce will meet for the first time today to discuss changes to the academic calendars at the University.

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