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Adjunct faculty pay structure is still unclear

University of La Verne adjunct professors will not move to a time card system in January, as officials had announced last month.

Let’s value ULV educators

Faculty concerns about the future of tenure at the College of Law and its implications for the University, combined with questions about a to-be-announced change in pay structure for the University’s underpaid adjuncts point to a disturbing trend – of devaluing educators and by extension – education. 

Adjuncts to move to hourly pay

The University’s roughly 700 adjunct faculty – who teach more than 60 percent of the classes here – will need to fill out time cards starting in January.

Adjuncts deserve better pay

Assembly Bill 1466 was approved by the California legislature and now awaits Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signature. If the governor signs it this month, it would mean a roughly 88% pay raise for adjunct faculty, who are currently woefully under paid here, with private universities across the state. 

Adjuncts may get 88% raise

Adjunct professors’ salaries at the University of La Verne could increase dramatically – by roughly 88% – if a bill currently making its way through the California legislature becomes law

Online diversity class now required

The University’s new mandatory diversity and cultural competence training for all full time faculty took effect this summer, with a completion deadline of Oct. 1.

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