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Alumna April Shenkman performed a one-woman show last Friday in the Cabaret Theater as part of the Engendering Diversity and Community conference. The play, “Pink Clouds Over Capricorn Meets Cosmic Cupcake Conniption,” which was also written by Shenkman started off as two plays. The theme of the piece reflects Shenkman’s overall belief that every person has unrecognized potential. / photo by Rhiannon Mim

Alumna’s many characters empower women

Transcendence, unrealized possibilities, breast cancer awareness and self-discovery were only a few of the themes woven throughout “Pink Clouds Over Capricorn meets Cosmic Cupcake Conniption,” a debut combination of two one-woman shows put on by performance artist and University of La Verne alumna April Hava Shenkman March 31 in the Cabaret Theater.

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