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909 Festival features ULV filmmakers

University of La Verne student filmmakers showcased their four self-produced short films to other community filmmakers at the sixth annual 909 Film Festival Friday in Benson Auditorium at Pitzer College.

Film festival features flicks of 909

The lights in the Benson Auditorium dimmed, and the audience silenced in anticipation. Sixteen short but brilliant films were about to play, representing the talented local filmmakers at this year’s 909 Film Festival last Friday night.

Alumna’s many characters empower women

Transcendence, unrealized possibilities, breast cancer awareness and self-discovery were only a few of the themes woven throughout “Pink Clouds Over Capricorn meets Cosmic Cupcake Conniption,” a debut combination of two one-woman shows put on by performance artist and University of La Verne alumna April Hava Shenkman March 31 in the Cabaret Theater.

Alumni take stage at Homecoming

While most of the school cheered on the football team at the Homecoming game, students, faculty, staff and alumni gathered to perform and view excerpts of their most recent work.

The creative facets of the Arts Colony

Although this area of Pomona is not so vast, the amount of creativity within its borders is astounding.

Finding their voice in ‘Missing Pauses’

by Melissa Betsy Lau Editorial Director The house lights of the Cabaret Theatre cast a golden glow on the mosaics lining a small portion of...

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