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Claremont store doubles as museum

Resting in the Claremont Village’s lively neighborhood is a quaint store whose walls are lined with dozens of diverse instruments.

The Bells’ Toll on Rock ‘n’ Roll: Albums to live and learn by

Every time we purchase an album, new or old, box set or single, we applaud all those bad girls and boys who play that rock ‘n’ roll. We love our records like some love Jesus; they do the same thing to our souls.

Concert Review: Mark Olson brings the folk out

Anyone who thought folk music was dead clearly hasn’t visited the Folk Music Center in Claremont.

Summer releases look promising

Upon publication of this story, summer will be a short 40 days away. And just as Country Time Lemonade commercials act as a bell in my head – forever ringing in bright blue skies and bathing suits – new album releases, upcoming blockbusters, concert tours and various forms of local entertainment serve as other telltale signs and flags of encouragement that vacation is on its way.

Feedback: Concerts keep bands afloat

Okay, I know it's March, and summer is still a midterm and a final away. But if you have any interest in taking in some live entertainment come June, it's time to get yourself in gear.

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