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Study finds birth control increases cancer risk

A study published in the PLOS Medicine journal last month found that women on hormonal birth control have a 0.2% higher risk of breast cancer.

Abortion pill not coming to La Verne yet

Starting Jan.1, 2023, abortion pills will be available in Cal State and UC health centers. However, the health center at the University of La Verne will not be offering the abortion pill.  

UCs may offer abortion pill

The California Senate is considering a bill that would require health centers at public universities to provide RU-486, the abortion pill.

Rhythm method returns with Natural Cycles app

Natural Cycles was approved last month by the FDA as a medical device for use as a contraceptive.

Hands off our birth control

President Donald Trump’s administration is no longer acting against women subtly; instead he is attacking them blatantly, making sure he puts his hands all over reproductive rights. The Trump administration rolled back the mandate that most companies must provide free contraceptive coverage for their female employees with the Affordable Care Act.

College health centers may offer abortion pill

College students in California public universities and community colleges might have another option for non-surgical abortion methods, if a newly proposed State Senate Bill becomes law.

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