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Musical shakes up old fairy tales

Classic fairy tales get a new spin in the University of La Verne’s performance of the Tony award-winning musical, “Into the Woods.”

Vaginas get vocal against violence

Uncontrollable gasps and giggles leaped out of the audience Wednesday night as they experienced a show unlike any other.

Alumna’s many characters empower women

Transcendence, unrealized possibilities, breast cancer awareness and self-discovery were only a few of the themes woven throughout “Pink Clouds Over Capricorn meets Cosmic Cupcake Conniption,” a debut combination of two one-woman shows put on by performance artist and University of La Verne alumna April Hava Shenkman March 31 in the Cabaret Theater.

Students pay less for plays

Students are aware that college life is expensive. Academics and hectic schedules keep students busy. But when a well-deserved break is needed for entertainment, it is not necessary to overspend to have a good time.

‘Cherry Orchard’ reveals a lively Checkov

Comedy and tragedy are expertly combined in the University of La Verne’s student performance of Anton Chekhov’s masterpiece “The Cherry Orchard.”

Love, hate resound in Sopranos’ voices

The voices of the Sublime Sopranos Carol Stephenson and Robyn Frey-Monell resonated on Tuesday in Founders Auditorium as students and faculty gathered to hear the performance full of love and hate.

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