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Online voices should not be silenced

After the blackout of dozens of popular sites around the United States, Congress decided to put aside the SOPA and PIPA bills that threatened the freedom of the Internet. While this might not be the last we see of them, many Americans feel they can breathe easier now that the government knows the uproar that awaits if this type of bill is suggested again. However, while the good fight will continue on our soil, other countries already have censorship bills put into place.

Bill threatens Internet freedom

Blogging has become a lifestyle for many people. Some devote all their time, effort and credentials into running these blogging outlets. Used for an assortment of purposes on the Internet; Be it a personal interest, educational or professional outlet, blogging is very existent, and widely-used.

Putting principle before profit

Nearly two weeks ago, Google Inc. successfully shut down its search engine in China after declaring in January it would not comply with Chinese censorship.

Letter to the Editor

It is somewhat unusual even today to find an editorial praising and endorsing censorship, but apparently that is just what your editorial on the cancellation of O.J. Simpson’s book has in mind.

Law would group Saks with smut

Web site operators posting explicit information, no matter what the intention, will experience quite a headache if a new proposal by the Bush administration requiring an official government warning label on their pages and a threat of up to five years of imprisonment for exposing “scandalous” material becomes law.

Censorship displays despotism

What is art? The age-old question has once again been raised by the controversy surrounding a new exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York City.

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