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Amazon delivers employee abuse

Last week, a United Kingdom article reported that an undercover reporter who worked at Amazon for less than a month encountered employees who were urinating in bottles because they could not get to bathrooms fast enough due to huge work facilities and extremely short breaks. Employees were also fearful of missing productivity targets, which could result in punishment. Amazon has been sued as working conditions at the retail giant have been called into question. This should not happen given how much money Amazon makes.

Toys ‘R’ Us cheats employees

Big American corporations need to stop front-loading debt onto the businesses they buy.

Amazon does not need handouts

Early next year, Amazon will unveil the location of its second headquarters in the U.S. Although a time has not been announced, Amazon has promised to invest $5 billion for the new location and employ 50,000 white-collar workers with an annual salary of $100,000.

AAUP report calls for shared governance

The University of La Verne chapter of the American Association of University Professors released a statement last week calling attention to the University’s increasing “corporatization” and the need for true shared governance between faculty and administration to improve the student experience.

Companies should not escape taxes

On Monday, President Obama unveiled a plan that would close tax loopholes for corporations that invest their money overseas rather than in the United States. The administration claims by doing this the government will raise more than $200 billion during the course of 10 years.

$82 million RED campaign rip off

In a recent phenomenon charity campaigns have begun to utilize big business and celebrities to bring attention to their cause.

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