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Music Review: Charli XCX creates pop perfection with ‘Crash’

With clear 1980s and early 2000s influences, Charli XCX proves that she is one of the main pop girls and a veteran songwriter with her sell-out album “Crash,” released on March 18.

Diversity event shows racism still exists

During Multicultural and Diversity Week, Sister Circle and the Multicultural Club Council held an event in the Harris Art Gallery to bring awareness about living in what they’ve dubbed today’s Holocaust.

Commentary: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

Is school over yet? I mean, come on. What's with this thing? It's like one of those anti-drug commercials with the eggs in the frying pan. “This is your brain on drugs.”

Oscar hangover feels mighty good

This past Sunday we witnessed the 78th Annual Academy Awards. And some aspects of the show were better than others.

Movie Review: A ‘Crash’ course in movie greatness

“Crash” is a brave and honest look at modern day racism in Los Angeles. At times shocking and devastatingly accurate, moviegoers will find themselves holding their breath, talking to the screen and becoming thoroughly enveloped in the stories that weave throughout the film.

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