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It’s time to cancel student debt

President Joe Biden has announced that payments on federal student loans will be on pause until August 31. While this is a good move, it is time to push for all student debt to be forgiven.

Reduce debt, not regulation

As President Donald Trump begins his third month in office, it should not come as a surprise that he keeps rolling back more regulations and guidance from the Obama administration. The latest one hits close to home for University of La Verne students as they relate to student

Debt is below U.S. average

The average federal student loan debt at the University of La Verne for 2013 is about $22,000, said Diane Anchundia, director of financial aid.

Words of wisdom from a debt survivor

How would you like to have $1,000 to spend on anything you want? See, your mind is already thinking of what to buy. With most students preparing for the rest of their lives, why not start to build your credit?

College life full of debt, financial lessons

The summer days are here, and as I stare at this blank screen rapidly filling up with black text, my mind whirls with the possibilities that may come up during the vacation.

Students lured into big debt

They stand behind their bright table clothed booths waving banners in the air to get the college students' attention. "Come and establish your credit," the banners read. "Make the path to your future look brighter."

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