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App-based drivers left with no benefits

Now that Proposition 22 has passed, app-based drivers could be looking at a future with little to no benefits and low wages.

Four 2020 ballot propositions explained

With only two weeks left until the election, it is essential that voters are informed of the most critical and impactful propositions on the California ballot. Every single proposition on the ballot will have lasting impacts on citizens across the state, and being correctly informed is key to voting on these issues.

Downtown La Verne restaurants offering dine-out only under shelter inside mandate

Restaurants on D Street in downtown La Verne have had to adapt to the current shelter in place orders, by offering take-out and delivery only options, some partnering with delivery franchises to keep their businesses running as they wait for the OK to open their doors once again.

New law hits Uber, Lyft

Uber and Lyft drivers will be classified as employees instead of independent contractors in California starting January 1, a change that could dramatically effect the business models and pay structures for the companies and workers.

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