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Rush job means repeat repairs

Two of the three on-campus dorms have elevators installed, and this semester alone, elevators in Vista La Verne and Citrus Hall have broken down three times.

Dorms breed disease

New people. New place. New environment. College could pose more threats to your health than you were aware of.

Students address tuition, parking at ASULV town hall meeting

President Devorah Lieberman and 15 other administrators responded to about 40 students’ pressing issues, such as lack of housing, parking issues and lack of programs for Hispanic students, at the Associated Students of University of La Verne’s town hall meeting Oct. 16 in Morgan Auditorium.

AC is essential for residents’ safety

Brandt Hall and Stu-Han are notorious for being the only dorms on campus still without any air conditioning. This puts residents at risk for heat-related illnesses.

‘Vapes’ blow out cigarettes’ fire­

Tommy Bailon, junior computer science major, smoked for nearly six years before he chose to make the transition from cigarettes to vaporizing devices, more commonly known as “vapes.”

Dorms offer clever workout space

Hectic schedules and the limiting space of a dorm room make time and motivation for fitness a struggle among college students. However, finding time for a simple 15-minute workout in a day can help improve overall health and fitness.

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