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In U.S., Latin music popularity spikes

Latin music, especially reggaeton and trap, has grown in popularity among Americans within the last few years.

People can’t get enough Fortnite

The concept for Fortnite was first revealed in 2011, and today it is one of the most popular games with over 3 million concurrent users across various consoles.

TIME needs stricter criteria

TIME Magazine has opened its polls so voters can weigh in on this year’s Person of the Year, except some names should not be on the list.

Some performances too vile to be art

There is no justification for using racism, sexism or other offensive language, symbols and behavior in music, comedy or other “art” – for the sake of getting people talking.

Commentary: Hip-hop is no longer an art form

The hip hop industry has taken a turn for the worst and the mainstream is now full of misogyny, materialism and fake people who couldn’t say a fly rhyme if one was right under their noses.

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