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Truth tour protests Taco Bell policies

"We are the future; Taco Bell is the past," said Marcos Para, one of the hundreds of students, farmworkers and community workers from across the nation who gathered to march to the Taco Bell corporate headquarters, protesting its commercial dealings with the S. J. Packing Company's poor and exploitative labor standards.

Letter to the Editor

Since the events of Sept. 11, I have been dumbfounded by the arguments of those who advocate non-violence at this juncture ["Letters to the Editor," Nov. 30].

Letters to the Editor

The following is a response to the letter from some members of the School of Business and Global Studies ["Letters to the Editor," Nov. 16].

Letters to the Editor

I would like to thank Mr. Casarez for his insightful letter [Sept. 21]. There is no question that insane murderers committed a horrible crime against humanity on Sept. 11. My heart goes out to all the victims and their families. Killing innocent people can never be justified under any circumstances.

Letters to the Editor

There is no question that the events that transpired on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, were a tremendous tragedy. I grieve for the victims and their families and hope that they may find some measure of comfort in the tremendous outpouring of sympathy the world has shown.

Marriott to find new management

Sodexho Marriott's regional operations director, Thomas Marotta, sent a letter of response Wednesday after he met with the University of La Verne students who initially raised the issue concerning the treatment of Marriott Housekeeping Services workers at ULV.

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